Familiy Stories

31.5.2004 – 11.7.2004, Ausstellung mit Dinu Li, Alexander Ochs Galleries, White Space 798, Beijing, China

The exhibition brings together the two artists Wiebke Loeper and Dinu Li to a journey in time and space, history and family memories. Wiebke Loeper was born in Eastberlin in the early 70’s. Her uncles Willy and Willi, both butchers, were brought up in Pomerania. Separated by the world depression and Second World War, Willy went to America whilst Willi flew to a region later part of the DDR; both continuing the profession of butchery in their new environments. In Loeper’s concentrated, subtle photos, she follows and documents the life paths of her two uncles, dealing with themes of origins, pasts and fortuities. The artist has received relevant awards such as the Goldrausch-award, DAAD scholarship, Anne-Biermann-Price for German Contemporary Photography and is a fellow of the Federal Cultural Foundation, Germany…
(Photography Now, May 2004)

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